After Liposuction Surgery

If the surgery is performed with sedation anesthesia, you can stand up immediately after, and go your home after resting a bit. You should use the corset dressed after liposuction during 1 month. You don’t have much pain immediately after and in the first day by way of the painkillers injected inside.

Next day and several days after, dull pains may occur responding to the painkillers. Numbness, swelling, and dull pains may continue for a while. Also, swelling, bruise may form depending on tightness or looseness of your skin in the operative field. This situation steps up the maximum stage in 5-6 days. The swelling will start to correct from about 1 week.

After about 1 month, you can reach your new appearance. In 1 month, when looking from outside, nobody will understand you had a surgery, and also you will take clearly the conclusion. After 1 month, some hardness may be under skin, and this hardness will be fixed in about 3 months. After 6 months, you will be able to see your final state. These fats, which we devastated inside but couldn’t take out, will be absorbed by the body and you will become to the best state within 6 months.

If there are surface imperfections like undulation, roughness, orange peel appearance usually named as cellulite before liposuction; they will reduce, lighten after liposuction, but will not completely disappear. Surface correcting and firming applications are also suggested like Smoothshapes, LPG, and Starvac afterwards in order to accelerate and make the healing be better. Although these applications are not requirement, they also provide the oedema to leave faster.

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