What is Breast Aesthetic?

Breast augmentation operations are interventions that increases breast volume or correct asymmetry problem. Form loss may occur in breast tissues due to weight gain and loss, and problems after pregnancy or breasts may be extra small from birth. Adding aging and gravity to these over time, apparent reduction and sagging may occur in the breasts. Breast augmentation can be performed to solve all these possible problems and you can have your desired breast size.

Generally implants are used for breast augmentation or fat injection can be performed as explained in Fat Transfer to the Breast section.

Breast Augmentation surgery is possible with silicon implants as well as Fat Trasnfer and patients can have highly natural appearance. The most important thing to keep in my mind during this operation is symmetry and a look that is suitable for the patient.

Personal 3D simulation shows the patient how they will look after breast augmentation and the doctor decide the strategy together with the patient. The patient can see exactly how they will look like after the breast augmentation surgery. Then the doctor plans the operation in line with the decided strategy.

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